• How much does JoyBidder Pro license cost?

    After 14 days of free trial ends, a valid license is required to use the software. A new license costs US $11.95 for one year of software usage, version update and email support. License renewal fee is US $9.95, which extends the license expiration date by one year.
    Don't need to wait for license to expire to renew. The license expiration date is extended by one year from the current license expiration date.

    If you don't want to use the software, we'll refund your money within 30 days of purchase.
  • Is JoyBidder Free Edition really FREE?

    Yes, 100% FREE.
  • Which one should I use, desktop application or Firefox extension?

    If you don't use Firefox browser, then install the desktop application. If you are a Firefox user, the extension provides better browser integration. for example, right click the eBay page from within the Firefox browser to add auctions to JoyBidder. And currently Firefox extension is the only way allow you to run JoyBidder on Linux/unix, although savvy Linux user can easily create seperate JoyBidder runtime without the need of Firefox. Here is one thing to remember when using Firefox extension. Firefox could be slow and even crash when viewing other web sites, which could affect JoyBidder. So you might want to use Desktop App if performance and reliability are your major concern. BTW, you can run Firefox Extension and Desktop App at the same time. They run indepedantly without sharing any data among each other, and counts as two seperate installations.
  • Which eBay sites does JoyBidder support?

    JoyBidder supports 22 eBay sites, including eBay Motor.
  • What operating systems is JoyBidder compatible with?

    Firefox Extension is developed and tested on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, it should run on any operating systems that have Firefox3.5 or above. The desktop application only runs on Windows currenlty. Mac OSX application is planned.
  • How do I install downloaded .xpi file

    When you download JoyBidder from download sites, for example, download.com, softpedia.com, you get a .xpi file. This is the Firefox addon installation file. To install it, you just simply drag and drop the file to Firefox window, (don't drop it on the address bar)
  • I got "Invalid file hash (possible download corruption) -261" error during installation. How can I resolve this?

    If you are using Firefox 3.5.1 and trying to download the latest version of JoyBidder from Mozilla web site. The download link on the Addon detail page won't work. This is a known issue with Mozilla web site, until it is fixed, you can download either from the Search Result page or from this link.

    If you are not using Firefox 3.5.1 or trying to dowloading older verisons of JoyBidder. Please see this Firefox Support Knowledge Base article for solution.
    Here is a screen capture to how to Enable 3rd Party Cookies.

  • How do I report bug?

    Pro Edition:
    In the item list, right click the item(s) that you have problem with. This will bring up the popup menu. Select the Report Bug menu item. This will copy the item information which you can paste into the email sent to joybidder.support@gmail.com.
    Free Edition:
    Click the Help menu toolbar button, (the last button in the toolbar) and select Report Bug menu item.
    View YouTube Video Tutorial
  • What is debug log and how I can enable it?

    Occasionally, you are asked by JoyBidder Support to provide a debug log
    1. Open Setting dialog
    2. Select Others tab
    3. Select the Enable Debug Log checkbox
    Once enabled (by default), JoyBidder writes debug log to a file. The file name is shown in the text field on the right side the checkbox. You can click the Save Debug Log button to safely export the debug log to a much smaller compressed file. Once you have the file, send it to joybidder.support@gmail.com.

    There is no major performance impact keeping debug log enabled. The size of the log file will grow by time. Please clear the log every week or month, depending on how often you use JoyBidder. You can disable the log. It doesn't affect JoyBidder's operation.

  • How to submit test snipe to verify JoyBidder works?

    JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper has implemented a new feature to let user to test the sniping before put it into real use. In the Bid dialog, user can now set negative lead seconds, for example, -360. This will let the program to automatically submit the bid 360 seconds later Detailed tutorial with step by step screen shots
  • How do I uninstall JoyBidder Free Edition for Firefox?

    If you are currenlty using JoyBidder Free edition for Firefox, and you would like to upgrade to JoyBidder Pro. You need to first uninstall the Free edition.
    1. Click Tools menu in Firefox
    2. Click Addons menu item
    3. Click Extensions tab
    4. Locate JoyBidder Free Edition in the Extensions list
    5. Click Remove button
    6. Restart Firefox
  • Add eBay User ID

    When you launch JoyBidder for the first time, you will be asked to add an eBay User ID. You can also add more eBay User ID. Here is how:
    1. Open User Manager dialog
    2. Select -Add User- in the list
    3. Enter eBay ID and Password
    4. Click Save button
  • Update eBay User Information

    If your eBay password is changed, or you want to change your shipping country or zip code. Here is how:
    1. Open User Manager dialog
    2. Select the eBay User ID in the list
    3. Update the information you want to change
    4. Click Save button
    Please always make sure you have the correct password and shipping information.
  • Delete eBay User ID

    1. Open User Manager dialog
    2. Select the eBay User ID in the list
    3. Click the Delete button
    [note] You cannot delete eBay User ID which has open auction items.
  • Why does JoyBidder gives me the error message "cannot login to eBay" and "enter valid user id and password", when I try to add my eBay ID.

    • [This only applies to JoyBidder Firefox Extension] 3rd party cookies are not enabled. When JoyBidder login to eBay, eBay will sent a cookie to your browser, since the login request is issued from JoyBidder, Firefox considered this cookie as a 3rd party cookie, (vs the same cookie you get when login from eBay's own login page). If the 3rd party cookie is disabled, then JoyBidder cannot login in. Please enable 3rd party cookies. If you don't want to enable 3rd party cookies, you can add ebay.com (or other ebay international sites) to the exception list.
      Enable 3rd Party Cookies Add ebay sites to exception list
    • eBay requires a numeric security code, CAPTCHA, to be entered on the eBay sign in page before you can be signed in with this eBay user. Please use your web browser sign in and out several times until eBay stop requiring the security numbers
    • eBay has an alert message for you to respond to. Please login to eBay manually from your web browser and respond to the message alert
  • eBay login CAPTCHA

    JoyBidder cannot login to eBay if CAPTCHA is required. You should wait for eBay to remove the CAPTCHA requirement before using JoyBidder again. However, if you don't want to wait, you can manually login to eBay and keep signed in from JoyBidder build-in web browser. And then enable the I am CAPTCHA'ed option in JoyBidder User Manager.
    Please disable this option as soon as CAPTCHA is not required. This workaround doesn't work if you have multiple eBay IDs in JoyBidder. This is a temporary workaround and although it has been proven to work for many users, there is no guarantee as eBay sometimes automatically sign out.

    Read more here: If JoyBidder auction sniper cannot login to eBay because of CAPTCHA ...

  • I am a new user, how do I purchase a license and how to register?

    • Click the Buy JoyBidder Pro button at JoyBidder Pro web page, select "One year JoyBidder Pro license" option or other discount bundle options and click Purchase button. This will take you to PayPal to complete the transaction.
    • Within one day after payment is recevied, your should receive the product registration information in your PayPal email or email address you enterred during the purchase.
    • Open JoyBidder and open License dialog. Click to see screen capture
    • Copy the production registration code, paste it into the field, click register button.Click to see screen capture
  • Why sometimes JoyBidder incorrectly says license is expired

    JoyBidder connects our license server to validate your license, however, due your network connection and our service traffic status, sometimes, it cannot connect the server proplery, thus cannot validate your license. This is a temporary issue. Try to restart JoyBidder and Firefox, it usually should fix the problem. If you are using multiple instances of JoyBidder on your computer, for example, running JoyBidder Firefox extension on multiple Firefox profiles or have both JoyBidder extension and desktop application, you are more likely has this problem.
  • I am a registerred user, how do I renew license?

    • Click the Help button in the toolbar, the right-most button with a questionmark icon. See screenshot.
    • Click the "License..." menu item.
    • Click the "renew your license" link from the JoyBidder Pro License dialog.
    • Click Renew button on the JoyBidder Pro License renewal web page. This will take you to PayPal to complete the transaction.
    • Within one day after payment is recevied, your should receive the product renew confirmation from your PayPal email
    • Restart JoyBidder and Firefox if it is a Firefox Extension version
  • It has been over 1 business day since I purchase or renew through PayPal, why I haven't received registration code email, or license renewal confirmation email?

    The problem is mostly caused by buyer's email server fails to deliver email sent from joybidder.payment@gmail.com. Also verify your email spam filer don't block joybidder.payment@gmail.com or joybidder.support@gmail.com. After 1 business day, usually much sooner, you can view license information here.
  • Why I am having problems after updating to a new version?

    Before you submit a bug report, you might want to
    • Go to user manager and update your eBay user information
    • Remove all the open items and add them back
    New version of JoyBidder might need some additional information that are not tracked in the earlier version. By doing the above, you can make sure JoyBidder has all the information it needs. If it still doesn't work, please submit a bug report.
  • What does "maximum bid" mean?

    The "maximum bid" works in the same how eBay bidding works.
    See eBay instruction here: http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/automatic-bidding.html
  • How much lead time should I set?

    If you have a high speed connection and fast computer, you can have a smaller lead time. It is recommended to place an instant bid early in the bidding process. so that you can find out:
    • If the bid is successful or not. (Some times, eBay places restriction on bidding on certain items).
    • How much time it takes eBay to process the bid.
  • Bid Group End Time Conflict

    Sometime, when you schdule group bid, you will get an error message, like the one here

    When end time of auctions in the group are close to each other, close to or even smaller than the lead time, JoyBidder displays this alert to warn and prevent user of accidently mis-use group bidding and win more auctions than they want.

    For example, there are two items in a bid group. item1 ends on Sep 21, 2010 16:58:03 PDT, item2 ends on Sep 21, 2010 16:58:13 PDT, they are 10 seconds apart. If your lead time is set to 15 seconds, then JoyBidder will place the bid for item1 on Sep 21, 2010 16:57:48 PDT, since we won't know if we have won item 1 until after item 1 ends, which is Sep 21, 2010 16:58:03, JoyBidder cannot cancel the group bidding and continue to place the subsequent bid on item2 on Sep 21, 2010 16:57:58 PDT. If you are are the highest bidder on both item 1 and item 2 when the auctions ends, you win both items.


    • Don't add item or items that ends very close to each to a bid group
    • Reduce the lead time, in the above example, if the lead time of item 2 is 5 seconds, then JoyBidder has enough time to determin the outcome of bidding of item 1 and cancel the bid group if won. JoyBidder add 5 seconds extra as safety pre-caution, so you need to extra 5 seconds when calculating the lead time. Again, there is only so much you can reduce the lead time, depending on your computer and network speed and how much auctions you are bidding. I never recommend any thing below 5 seconds.
  • Do you store my eBay login information on your server?

    Your user information is only saved to your own computer and only used by JoyBidder to login to eBay to track and place bids on your behalf.
    If you use the optional JoyBidder Sniping service, your eBay ID and password are stored in JoyBidder server.
  • Does my computer have to be on in order for the scheduled bid to work?

    Yes. You computer has to be on and JoyBidder should be running in order for the scheduled bid to work. You can have JoyBidder minimized. You can close Firefox browser.
  • How can I receive SMS or Email alert when my sniper bid is lower than the minimum bid?

    JoyBidder can send you SMS or Email via Twitter when your sniper bid is lower than the minimum bid, so that you might have a chance to adjust your sniper bid. It is easy to set up, here is how
    1. Sign up a Twitter ID if you don't have one
    2. Have you Twitter ID follow joybidder
    3. Enter your Twitter ID in the JoyBidder Settings dialog
    4. Click the "Send a test message" button to send youself a test message
    5. You should receive the test message in your cell phone or email, depending on your Twitter setting
    6. That's it.
  • Can I put my computer to standby mode and have it wake up before the snipe or every few hours to check the item status?

    Yes, you can click the "Put your computer to standby mode" button on the toolbar. Your computer will be in standby mode and wake up to place the snipe or check the item status.
    You can change the wake up time settings under Standby tab in the Setting dialog. You should test if your computer supports this feature before you put it into real use. Here is how.
    1. Make sure you have at least 1 open item in JoyBidder
    2. Open Setting dialog
    3. Click the Standby tab
    4. Change the first dropdown to 3 minutes
    5. Save the setting
    6. Click the Standby button in the toolbar
    7. Your computer will go to standby and wake up in 3 minutes
    Don't forget to change your setting back. You don't want to wake up your computer every 3 minutes in real use. Note: This feature is only available for Windows users since 1.3.5
  • Can I minimize JoyBidder to System Tray?

    Yes, but it not enabled by default. Here is how to enable/disable it
    1. Open Setting dialog
    2. Click the Desktop tab
    3. Check (or uncheck if you want to disable) the Minimize to Tray checkbox
    4. Save the setting
    Once it is enabled, minimize the JoyBidder window will put it into System Tray, and click JoyBidder icon in the System Tray to restore it. Note: This feature is only available for Windows users since 1.3.5
  • Can I lanuch JoyBidder from desktop short-cut?

    Yes, Here is how to create a desktop short-cut for JoyBidder
    1. Open Setting dialog
    2. Click the Desktop tab
    3. Click the JoyBidder icon button on the right side of the Minimize to Tray checkbox
    Note: This feature is only available for Windows users since 1.3.5
  • How do I open Setting dialog?

    The setting menu item is under the Help toolbar button (the right-most toolbar button). See screen shot here
  • What is bid group?

    Bid group allows you to buy specified number of auctions from a list of auctions, For example, there are a lot of auctions for iPhone, but you only want to get one. Here is how to do it in JoyBidder:
    1. create a "iPhone" bid group in Group Manager, specify number of iPhones you want to buy
    2. search eBay and add all the iPhone auctions that you want to buy to "iPhone" bid group
    3. schedule a snipe for each of the items in the group
      [tip]Scheduling snipe one item at a time is error prone and tedious, you can use Batch Snipe to schedule snipe on a large number of auctions in one shot
    JoyBidder will bid on the item that ends first. If it wins the specified number of auctions, it will cancel all the rest scheduled snipes in the group. But if it doesn't win, it will bid on the next item in the group.
  • Batch Snipe

    Batch Snipe allows you to schedule snipe on multiple auctions in one shot so that you don't need to do it one by one. Here is how:
    1. Select the auction items in the Grid
    2. Click the Place Bid toolbar button
    3. Enter the max bid price
    4. Click Bid button
    You should, in most cases, have Include Shipping checkbox selected so that JoyBidder can adjust the bid price based on the shipping cost of each auction. For example, you have Batch Snipe two auctions, item A is free shipping and item B is $4.00. If you enter $50 in the Batch Snipe dialog and have Include Shipping checkbox selected, JoyBidder will set $50 as max bid price for item A and $46.00 ($50-$4.00) for item B.
  • Adding eBay Items from the Firefox Browser

    1. navigate to eBay View Item or Search Results page
    2. right click the browser window or the item link
    3. select Add to JoyBidder menu item
    4. select eBay User ID, if you have more than one
    5. optionally select Group
    6. click OK button
  • Adding eBay Items using eBay Item Numbers

    1. click Add By Item Number(s) toolbar button
    2. type or paste the eBay item number(s) to Item #(s) field
      [tip] multiple item numbers are deliminated by space, comma or line break
    3. select your eBay User ID, if you have more than one
    4. optionally select Group
    5. click OK button
  • Importing from My eBay

    1. click Import Auctions from My eBay toolbar button
    2. select your eBay User ID, if you have more than one
    3. select which items you want to import (watching, active or selling)
    4. optionally select Group
    5. click OK button
  • Adding BuyItNow Items

    You can add BuyItNow items. It is not enabled by default. Here is how to enabled it.
    1. click the Help, About and Web Site toolbar button (the last toolbar button with question mark icon)
    2. select the Setting... menu item
    3. click the Other tab
    4. check Enable tracking Fix Price list type checkbox
    5. click the Save button
  • Customize Grid columns

    You can customize the Items Grid by adding or removing columns. You can also change the order and width of the columns by simply drag and drop. View demo.
  • I have JoyBidder running on multiple computers. How to transfer item list from one computer to another?

    First, you need to enable this function on JoyBidder running on both computers.You only need to this once.
    1. click Help button (the last button on the toolar)
    2. select Setting... menu item
    3. click Server tab
    4. check Allow transfer items among multiple JoyBidder instances checkbox
    5. click the Save button
    Next, from the JoyBidder you want to transfer items from, click the Upload toolbar button. Then from the JoyBidder you want to receive the items, click the download toolbar button and select the One-time only option.

    Enable Transfer Items List From Multiple Computers

  • I have hundreds of items in the list. How can I filter list?

    Click Ctrl+F or Command+F on Mac OS X to open the Item Filter Toolbar

    You can filter by item title, item number, price, feedback score, time left and many other options.

  • Is there a way I can archived ended items

    JoyBidder Pro can archive ended items.
    1. click Help button (the last button on the toolar)
    2. select "Clean Up Ended Items..." "Clean Up Ended Items" command
    3. Choose "Archive" Joybidder archive dialog
    4. Select how old the ended items you want to archive
    5. Click OK button
    • Archived items are removed from the list JoyBidder Pro won't load them into the list, until it is asked to. See topic on how to view archived items.
    • The archived items are saved to archive files (archive.idx and archive.rdf) in the JoyBidder Pro data folder. See topic on how to backup data files.
  • How do I view archived ended items

    Once the items are archived, you can find the "archive" filter under the group filter toolbar button to allow you to load the archived items into the list, so that you can view them again.
    1. Click the "Filter items by Group" toolbar button
    2. select "Archive" JoyBidder View Archived Items
    3. select different groups or "not grouped", depending on what groups the archived items belongs to when they are archived
    • Depending on how you use JoyBidder Pro, the archive could have thousands of items. So make sure you are viewing archived items when JoyBidder is not or about to performing crucial tasks, such as sniping, frequent scheduled search.
    • After viewing the archive items, it is better to restart JoyBidder, so that these archive items won't waste extra memory. But again, this is a good tip for large archive with thousands or tens of thousands of items. It is up to you to decide what is best for you.
  • How to backup and restore data files

    In case of hard disk failure, you can restore data files by backup them first.. Data files are located in the following location, which is slightly different for Firefox Extension, Windows and Mac OSX
    • For Firefox Extention

      C:\Users\[your_windows_user_name]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[generated_profile_id]\chrome\sniper\ JoyBidder Firefox Extension data files location
    • For Windows Desktop Application

      C:\Users\[your_windows_user_name]\AppData\Roaming\JoyBidder.com\JoyBidder Auction Sniper\Profiles\[generated_profile_id]\chrome\sniper\ JoyBidder Windows App data files location
    • For Mac OS X

      /Users\[your_mac_user_name]\Library\Application Support\JoyBidder Auction Sniper\Profiles\[generated_profile_id]\chrome\sniper\ JoyBidder Mac App data files location
    • You can backup the data files while JoyBidder is not running but don't modify them and remove them.
    • To restore, just copy the backup data files to the data file folder. Make sure JoyBidder is not running when moving/copying files
  • How to update version?

    JoyBidder automatically checks new version everyday, and will alert you when there is a version is available. You can also manually check for new version:
    JoyBidder Desktop Application (Window and Mac)
    1. Click the "Help" toolbar button (the right-most button on the toolbar with a big question mark)
    2. Click the "Check for Updates" menu command
    Update JoyBidder Desktop Appliction
    JoyBidder Firefox Extension (Window, Mac and Linux)
    1. Click the "Tools" menu in Firefox browser
    2. Click the "Add-ons" menu command
    3. Click the "Extensions" tab
    4. Click the "Find Updates" button on the bottom-right corner
    Update JoyBidder Firefox Addon (Step 1) Update JoyBidder Firefox Addon (Step 2)
    JoyBidder Free Edition Firefox Extension

    Note: if you are using the Free version for Firefox, due to the Mozilla's rigid review process, the new version will be reviewed by AMO reviewers before it can be made public. (it could take 3 to 5 days).

  • How to arrange item list in specific order?

    You can click the header of the colume to list items in either ascend or desent order for that column. For example, you would click the header of the "Time Left" column to re-arrange the list of items in "auction-ending" chronological order and click the header again would reverse the order. See screen shot here JoyBidder arrange item list order You can sort list on any of the 26 columns that JoyBidder Pro has.
  • What is saved group search?

    JoyBidde can remember your eBay searches. Once the searches are saved, you can run saved searches easily. You can also schedule search to run automatically. Read more about benefit of group search.
  • How to save eBay search?

    1. Search eBay from build-in browser or from Firefox browser for Addon version
    2. Right click the search result page and select the "Add to JoyBidder" command. Or you can click the "Add Auction(s) from eBay page" button from built-in browser toolbar
    3. You can choose to import items from the current page, or items from all search result pages
    4. Select an existing group or create a new group
    5. Check "Save as group search" checkbox
    6. Click "Okay" button
  • How to run or schedule a saved eBay search?

    1. Click "Run, schedule, edit group search" button on the toolbar
    2. Select "Search Now" command for your desired search
    3. Or select any of the time interval to schedule the search
    4. Select currently scheduled interval again will cancel the schedule
  • What is "auto increment max bid price"

    If you are NOT sure of the value of the auction item and don't want to lose the auction only within several increments of your original max bid, You can use Auto Increment feature to let JoyBidder automatically increase your max bid up to 3 increments.
    However, if you know the value of auction item, it is better to set the proper max bid in the first place.
    • Auto Increment is not enabled by default. It is enabled from the Settings/Other.
    • In the Bid window, you can choose to let JoyBidder increases the max bid up to 3 bid increments if your original max bid won't win the auction.
    • Icon in the Max Bid column indicates different status:
      • Golden shield means Auto Increment is enabled and effective
      • Gray shield means Auto Increment is enabled, however it is not effective, because the current price is too high exceeding the AI max.
      • Up arrow means Auto Increment is triggered and your Max Bid price is automatically increased.
    • If Auto Increment is triggered, JB always add additional 0.09 cents to minimum required bid price, this gives you advantage over manual bidder who won't likely have time to adjust bid price in the last several seconds.
    • Auto Increment once triggered, cannot be triggered again. You must open Bid window to set it again.
    • If Auto Increment is not effective, i.e., gray shield, meaning current price exceeds AI max. You must open Bid window to set it again.
    • When a bid is scheduled with auto-increment enabled, the activity log will show the Auto Increment max bid price.
    • Auto Increment currently only support 3 currency: USD, GBP and EUR
    • The max price Auto Increment will increase to is (your current Max Bid + next(1,2 or 3) eBay minimum increment + 0.09). For example, If your current Max Bid price is $10.50, and you have enabled Auto Increment for one increment. If the bid price increases to $10.50 and thus the next required minimum bid price is $11.00. Your Max Bid price will be increased to $11.09.
    • Please refer eBay's bid increments table here. http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/bid-increments.html
  • How to enbale price alert to notify me in email when price is changed?

    Select a item from the list, right click to show te context dropdown menu. Select Enale Alert or Disable Alert. If the alert is enabled, when the price increases or decreases, JoyBidder willsend alert. If email alert is enabled in Settings, price change alert email is sent.

    Monitor eBay BuyItNow Price Drop
    Enable eBay Price alert in JoyBidder

  • Server Sniping

    JoyBidder sniping service submits sniping bids from server, so you don’t need to keep JoyBidder Pro running on your own computer to snipe. You need both a valid JoyBidder Pro license and adequate pre-paid snipes to use the service. The service is optional. Don’t buy pre-paid snipes if you don’t plan to use this service.


    • Your eBay password and login are stored with JoyBidder server to allow JoyBidder sniping service to function.
    • Currently, you cannnot change schedule or cancel snipes 45 minutes before the auction ends.
    • If you are using bidding group, the auction end time of the items in the same group, should be at least 45 minutes away from each other.
    • While using JoyBidder sniping service, you can keep JoyBidder running on your own computer.
    To use the JoyBidder sniping service, you will need to
    • download and install the latest version of JoyBidder Pro 1.9.31 and above
    • go to Settings dialog and enable "show server sniping toolbar button" option screen shot
    • click the "Use JoyBidder sniping service" toolbar button screen shot
    • if you have multiple eBay IDs, you will select which one to use
    • In the "JoyBidder sniping service" dialog, you can see the available pre-paid snipes and the number of current pending snipes. screen shot
    • If pre-paid snipes is zero or less than the number of pending snipes, you click the "Buy pre-paid snipes" button and go to joybidder.com to select payment option to use JoyBidder sniping service.
    • After your payment is processed and we will send you confirmation email